LED for Life

Modern Lighting

Good Mood, Money Saving, Reliability using RozettaLED, where Technology elaborates to reach maximum comfort for every user., using the LED technology time and insuring every client satisfaction, 30,000hrs working and more.

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Wind Turbines

Egypt is full of resources for renewable energy, Wind is one of the most strong renewable source of energy, where Egypt can utilize the wind energy where you can get full coverage for energy.

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PV Solar

Solar PV is most popular source for renewable energy in the world, Egypt lies at a very heavy energy level where we can reach 80% dependence on Solar PV energy during day time.

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PV Solar Pumping

Deserts have a serious Energy sourcing problem using the conventional tools, with Rozetta you can easily convert to the most reliable and safe meanwhile continuous energy source “the Sun Solar Energy” will gain power to daily provide water and energy to all your desert and off Grid needs.

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Convert to LEDThrough innovative energy saving solutions, update LED technology at highest Quality Standards.
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